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 FoundationSpecialistsQatar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            oundation , Foundation Specialists Qatar , Ltd.    Based in  DOHA, QATAR
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FoundationSpecialists World [headquarters address]:
Legaspi Towers 200,     107 Paseo De Roxas,
Central Business District, 1226 Makati City, MM, Philippines.
Phone: (+63-2) 817-6826 

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Foundation Specialists Qatar, Ltd. is registered in in the State of Qatar, and holds office in  DOHA. Foundation Specialists Qatar  is a General Contractor engaging in Horizontal and  Vertical Construction, Ports & Harbor, Power Transmission Lines, Industrial Buildings, Site Development, Roads and Bridges and  Specializing in Foundation works
Foundation Specialists Qatar,  engages in Projects with a strong component of Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering related works.
Foundation Specialists Qatar is a General Contractor with great experience   in Soil & Rock Mechanics, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, both in the theorethical  and in the practical field. 
Because of its strong background and deep expertise in Soil & Rock Mechanis, Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering.   Foundation Specialists Qatar  specializes in all branches of construction for which deep knowledge of Soil and Rock Mechanics is important and the expertize in Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering is a must.
Site development of newly reclaimed land where there is the need of preconsolidation and soil stabilization, construction of road interchanges  in congested areas and difficult soil conditions, Road Tunneling , structural retrofitting , construction of retaining structures, are all areas  where the technical skills and the special technologies of Foundation Specialists Qatar are most  appreciated. 
Foundation Specialists Qatar  being part of the Multinational Foundation Specialists, has the availability of a very large pool of Expert Engineers, for all branches of Engineering Specializations involving Construction, likewise has the availability of a very large equipment pool, for horizontal and vertical construction and for special works. Foundation Specialists Qatar was  registered in the state of Qatar recently, but being Foundation Specialists Qatar part of the  Multinational Foundation Specialists it is a branch of a great tree and as such draws its strength from it, that is, expertize, expert staff and  management, solid financial backing, a network of reliable suppliers, a long tradition of total quality control, a Central Engineering and Design Office with very high degree of specialization in structures and foundations, soil rock and material laboratories, and a large Environmental Engineering branch.

The Multinational Company:

Foundation Specialists
("FS " for short) is a Multinational Construction Concern with Italian participation and management

Foundation Specialists  [FS ] was formed in the 1970s by merging and consolidating into It two Partnerships with  solid background and successful accomplishments in the Engineering and Management of Large International Infrastructure  Projects.

The two Concerns that were merged to form Foundation Specialists, had, over the years dedicated to develop and manage the planning and  construction of large Underground  Hydropower Schemes, including Pump-Storage Hydropower Plants, in difficult geological and geomorphological conditions. managed through theoretical and field R & D to fine tune field applications of Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics and develop Construction Methods and Technologies applicable to general conditions.

Because of the way it was formed,  Foundation Specialists  started "ab initio"  as a leader in its consolidated  fields of expertise, i.e.  large, complex infrastructure projects with important foundation-engineering-related components.  
Foundation Specialists   has continued for the past three decades  to be a successful contractor of large infrastructure projects with sensitive Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering related component, and a recognized leader in the field of   Foundation Engineering applications, Deep Foundation works , Bridges & Bridge-related Engineering Works, Bridge Retrofitting, Soil Remediation, Large Excavations under the water table, Hydro-Structures and  in the Design-&-Development of Construction Methodologies and Technologies, both "ad hoc" (i.e. for specific project) and for general application.

Foundation Specialists  has been successfully engaged in a multitude of projects in coastal areas, including reclamation areas,  with high seismicity  and difficult soil conditions, bridge construction, ports & harbor works, industrial plants, Telecom outside plants, power generation and power transmission, mass-transit systems, roads & highways, road tunneling and infra development in general, in South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australasia, where FS operates alone or in Joint Venture, Consortium  and Association with other Companies.

The following is the address of
Foundation Specialists  Head-Quarters:
[headquarters address]:
Legaspi Towers 200, 107 Paseo De Roxas
Central Business District, 1226 Makati City, MM
Phone (+63-2) 817-6826
The Philippine company Foundation Specialists, Inc. with  "AAA" PCAB category for general engineering and general building, and Large "B" for the Public Sector  Infrastructure Projects, has been engaging in the construction of large INFRASTRUCTURES [flyovers, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, wharfs & piers, tunnels, roads, mass rail transit systems, hydro power schemes and irrigation schemes], BUILDINGS (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional), INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, MULTI-LEVEL BASEMENTS, projects involving large amounts of FOUNDATION WORKS, for the last three decades.

Pioneering in the field of foundation engineering, Foundation Specialists has introduced technological innovations on foundation methods and technologies, such as large diameter bored piles, barrette piles, diaphragm walls, tie-back anchor systems, slurry walls, grout-plugs, jetgrout, whick drains, tangent/secant/contiguous pile-wall.  multi-stage-injected steel micropiles, soilcement columns, composite soilcement columns Post-tensioned ground anchors, soil & rock anchors, soil stabilization, soil remediation, pile testing, among others.

Foundation Specialists
, a well established leader in the construction industry, has been known since inception for targeting and consistently achieving a high degree of Customer satisfaction, early projects' completion, high quality of work standards, sound financial management. FS  deep involvement in R & D, has permitted the development of technological innovations and of proprietary technologies in the field of engineering.

Foundation Specialists
 Qatar    guarantees that:

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All Departments, Activities and Specialties of Foundation Specialists are ISO-9001-2000 Certified, the following link shows the ISO certifications issued by SGS for UKAS

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Foundation Specialists Qatar is a Infrastructure contractor  

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FoundationSpecialists is ISO 9001-2000 Certified.


FoundationSpecialists [headquarters address]:
Legaspi Towers 200,  107 Paseo De Roxas,
Central Business District, 1226 Makati City, MM, Philippines.
Phone: (+63-2) 817-6826 

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